Part Time Businesses With Low Capital

In the recent times, there has been a need to look for ways in which a person can supplement their income due to how expensive the cost of living has become. Employment and benefits of getting a monthly salary can no longer cut it because everything is much more costly now be it health or even saving up for college. This has necessitated the rise of part time businesses that will allow you get that extra income. This article looks to dive into some of the part times income generating businesses that a person can venture into even while still working a full time job. They are easy to start and do not require a lot of capital which is usually the fear people have against getting into business.


  • Tutor

Most of the children that are home-schooled are always looking for a tutor to take them through their additional lessons for example it could be a new language that you are fluent in such as French or German. You could then apply your expertise by teaching it to children. It could also apply to children who have come home for the holidays from school. The exciting part is that you need to avail yourself to the home and earn that extra income, it therefore has very little capital or investment involved.

The tutoring could also apply to your expertise in standardized tests such as SATs that students require when gaining entrance to college. The beauty about this part time business is that it is available year in year out with students coming from high school looking to get into college.

  • Party Planner

Are you a creative that is always looking to assist whenever a family member is having a party? Well how about you turn this creativity into a money making business. You must have done it for a long time and therefore have an expertise in it so now it is time for people to pay for your ideas. The good thing about parties is that there is always a celebration whether it is a birthday party, an end of year party or a graduation. Therefore there will always be clients to work with and plan parties for. It also does not require high capital and therefore can be manageable and done only on weekends in case you work a full time job.


  • Social Media Assistant

In this new age of content creators and social media influencers such as those who do marketing on YouTube, they always have meetings with different brands who want to work with them and therefore need assistance with scheduling of their content. It does not require a lot of income and all you need to do is shadow a content creator.

In conclusion, you do not need to stay at home and wallow that you have no money. Here are a few ideas that will help you start a part time business that gives you extra income at a low capital.

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